August 2010

Here is a video made by Andy and Flavie of a common toad (Bufo bufo) at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in the Trossachs National Park this weekend. The chirrups of the toad you can hear on the video are release calls. Release calls are used during the breeding season by males who have been clasped accidentally by other males. In the explosive breeding of the common toad, males looking for females will often clasp any toad they see. By recognising the release call and letting go they do not waste breeding effort and can instead look for a female to form amplexus with.


Here are some photos that have kindly been sent to me of a common frog, a common toad, some tadpoles and a palmate newt. The photos were taken whilst on the hills, or in the case of the toad, in a back garden. It goes to show the range of amphibians that can easily be spotted if you are keeping an eye out and how diverse Scotland’s wild places are. Thank you also to everyone who has been sending in their sightings. I will put a printable sightings sheet for frequent walkers on the website before next season.

Palmate newt on Ben Larachan from Lorna Smith

Lochan on Ben Larachan Ridge, Lorna Smith

Common toad in garden in Renton, Jeremy Watson

Tadpoles on Ben Starav, Lorna Smith

Common frog on Stob Ghabar, Andrew Dalton