February 2011


A common frog on it’s way to breed and a palmate newt larvae I found this week. After asking around I’ve discovered that newt larvae are often found at this time of year at this late stage of development. They must overwinter as larvae, which gives them a head start the next season.

Not likely to find any breeding activity today!

I’ve just found my first frog spawn for 2011. I’m up by arrochar and in a very small pool by the path there is a single spawn clump. One lone male was also in the pool so I weighed, measured and buccal swabbed him before returning him to his search for females. The water temperature was 4.3oC so still quite chilly to be breeding. I’m currently waiting and hoping more frogs turn up to breed, I’ll post some pics later.

It’s nearly that time again when the frogs come out to breed and the amphibian season gives us an excuse paddle around in ponds with nets and buckets. The frogs are already breeding in Wales and southern England so it shouldnt be too long before they are here too (snow permitting). Last year they started spawning in early March around Glasgow, but this year I think it will be much earlier, due to warmer temperatures compared to last year (believe it or not!).

As always, I’m keen to hear of any amphibian sightings and look forward to hearing when people start seeing spawn. Check out the Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK website:


to find your local group and to get involved with amphibian and reptile research and conservation across the UK. The Clyde ARG website has details of activities that are going on in the Glasgow area:


Happy hunting!